The innovative CX solution for visionary brands

Our platform fuses custom-tuned generative AI and a global workforce of over 6,000 agents to help companies provide efficient, quality customer experiences at scale.

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AI, meet support agents—so happy together

A full-stack AI solution

Ignite transformation with our unique approach of combining category-leading service and state-of-the-art AI, rejecting half measures and point solutions in favor of our integrated communications stack to be a strategic partner in transforming your company.

Empowered agents

Amplify productivity with over 6,000 agents confidently trained and assisted in real-time by our comprehensive AI solutions, saving them time and smoothly transitioning from virtual to live agents when needed with real-time tools to deliver superhero-level support.

Game-changing AI strategies for your industry

Break new CX ground with innovative advancements for companies of all sizes.

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Invest in precision and reliability

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Food & Beverage

Deliver consistent service to customers

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Highly personalized care

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Streamline overall management

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Lessen the ticket pipeline

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Ecommerce & retail

Optimize every click and purchase

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Travel & hospitality

Provide 5-star experiences

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Home Services

Improve home efficiencies

Lightbird is a global AI-powered CX company

Inspiring visionary brands, maximizing potential

We’re made up of engineers, scientists, experienced designers, and customer support experts obsessed with making every interaction count and bringing opportunity to people where they are.

How Lightbird works for you

Build an unparalleled experience for your company with a one-stop solution that works, no matter where you are in your journey.


Supercharge your support with custom-tuned generative AI informed by your knowledge base, historical chat, and voice data. We can handle any unstructured, multimodal input.


Interact with more customers across chat, voice, and email—wherever they are—using multimodal AI systems built into your tech stack.


Drive growth through an ongoing feedback loop and live reinforcement training, providing constant enhancement for your success.


Consistently raise metrics and performance, replacing traditional systems with continuous learning.

Trusted by the world’s top companies


As a global company, we have very particular customer service demands. We’ve been very impressed with the expertise and abilities of Lightbird who have seamlessly engaged with and built trust among our customers. Thanks to their customer service expertise, we have enjoyed record high customer satisfaction scores. They’ve truly become a trusted extension of our own team.

Senior Director

Software Company


Our partnership with Lightbird has been so important in creating high-quality, meaningful experiences for our customers, aligning with our business strategy and expectations. Lightbird manages the entire support process for us, ensuring efficient ticket triaging, follow-ups, and escalation coordination. This has resulted in a CSAT of 4.9 (out of 5) for the last calendar year.

Director of Customer Support

Retail Company


We recently partnered with Lightbird for added technical support and the results have been outstanding. Our cross-sell revenue has lifted 10x, first contact resolution has improved 20%, and feedback loops to Engineering and Product are consistent and actionable. Our only regret is that we didn’t expand their team sooner.

Executive Director, Services Support

Fortune 1000 Internet Solutions Provider

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