The intelligent customer-first platform for brands

Real-time service at scale for company's of all sizes. Create extraordinary branded CX journeys, accelerated by an integrated AI communication stack and the power of virtual and live agents.

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CX firing on all cylinders

Our next-gen platform is built with the latest machine learning and state-of-the art generative AI. Expect lightning-fast solutions, meaningful experiences, and enhanced productivity.

Custom-tuned AI Model

A low-latency model trained on your data, driven by guardrailed LLMs to maintain high accuracy within your company policies, guidelines, and brand standards, constantly improving from a continuous feedback loop.


Squad of agents

Get the best of both worlds. Utilize 6k+ live agents along with virtual agents, logically transitioning between the two with a blend of precision and empathy.


On demand omnichannel assistance

Stay open 24/7 with support tools that work across all channels, from web to WhatsApp. Tailor interactions based on analyzed customer behavior data, strengthening your company’s skill set.


AI-enabled recruiting & training

Fast track your operations with the right candidates for your company through AI-enabled screening and onboarding, confidently and rapidly ramping them up with live reinforcement training for sustained skill development.


Uncompromising security

We prioritize your privacy and security by storing data on Google Cloud Storage (GCS) with robust encryption and strict access controls. Transmissions are encrypted, and our retention policy ensures secure deletion of customer data after 30 days, in compliance with privacy regulations.


6k+ support agents

Decreased AHT

Ultra low-latency

Live analytics


A suite of AI-driven solutions

Our flexible, integrated features are template free and tuned to your company. Gain actionable insights and intelligently optimize your workforce to go the extra mile.


Custom-built command center

Eliminate the guessword of what's driving performance.

Managers can create their own dedicated display with AI-recommended actions, compiled stat views, agent live assistance, and anything else they need.


Natural language-driven live analytics

Turn AI-generated insights into action.

Crucial real-time information is displayed, from AHT to overall customer sentiment, and analyzed for productive agent training opportunities. Track KPIs through instantaneous feedback based on agent quality scores and product insights.


Workforce Management tie-in

Optimize shifts for happier employees.

Create fair and balanced schedules with automated shift assignment based on preferences and skillset, analyze patterns and track attendance for up-to-the-minute alignment with company needs.


Generative AI-powered conversations

Intelligently understand real conversation behaviors.

A multimodal chatbot deployed across both voice and digital chanels engages customers with ideal resolutions to unburden your team. And with call deflection, replace traditional phone systems for a streamlined queue.


Real-time agent assist

Less searching, more solutions.

Our Agent Assist gives the power of your entire knowledge base at their fingertips. AI-suggested responses tune into conversations to provide agents with the right information, ensuring they’re positioned for success and more engaged with customers.


AI-powered note taking

Accurately capture customer call information.

Free up agents' time for exceptional service by automating time-consuming tasks. Automatically input customer info, summarize calls with sentiment analysis, and maintain efficiency with a time-saving QA checklist.


Power from knowledge

Maximize efficiency and ensure confidence in new agents. Provide a comprehensive source of truth for agents, a complete optimization of their workflow, and accurate, on-brand answers for customers.

Seamless system integration

Easily integrate our platform into popular systems like Salesforce and Zendesk, securely linking to your knowledge base to expedite you into production. We shoulder the onboarding process, and offer direct tie-ins to your back-office systems for streamlined operations.

Automated ML pipelines

Improve the accuracy of your answers and speed up the time it takes to get there. By training our AI on your unstructured multimodal data using census-based QA and live categorization, you'll have automated workflows for fast issue resolution and more personalized interactions. 

Maximized accuracy

Surging CSAT


Super fast deployment

Stay up to date on the latest customer-first AI insights