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Eric Barnhart

Your brand strategy can be supercharged by AI

In the evolving landscape of customer support and business process outsourcing (BPO), a massive change is underway.

AI/CX deep dive

How AI can transform your customer experience in 2024

Recently, I went to return some chairs. Two sets of chairs, to be more exact. It was daunting given the sheer size of the items.


Why merging AI with human expertise is key for incredible customer service

The integration of AI into your customer service strategy has proven to be groundbreaking.

Industry News

Behind our new name

The journey to land (no pun intended) on the name 'Lightbird' became a testament to the seamless convergence of nature's brilliance.

Industry News

We are Lightbird

The customer care industry is an ideal one to be revolutionized by AI. Customers and agents should have a better working experience.

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